Commentary: Today’s Unexpected Move

Hi all!

Today’s move was quite the surprise. After the choppiness we experienced for practically the entire trading week, the market made quite an unexpected yet volatile move this morning for at least 5 hours. It was a great way to end the week, I’ll tell you that. After much uncertainty, ending on a high note was pretty great. Look at this move by pair USD/CHF:


At approximately 7am, the breakdown began and continued until between 11am-12pm. It declined a whopping 400 pips during the time(at its lowest point at 1.1461) but finally settled at 1.1531 where it stayed until the market closed.

This is what you would have made if you got out of the trade when it hit its lowest point: If you were trading one micro lot, you would have made approximately $40 on a $2.50 investment. If you were trading one mini lot at $100, your return would have been roughly $400. Also, if you traded one standard lot at $1000, you would have made in the ballpark of $4000! Isn’t that amazing?! Making a 400% return on your investment in a matter of 5 hours? My answer would be “YES YES YES!”. JACKPOT!

Next week, I will be looking to see if the market is ready to finally settle itself into a proper trend. It has been rather difficult to pinpoint exactly where it’s trying to go, the fluctuations have been unnerving at times.  Being completely confident in every single trade that you make is extremely important. Don’t chase every pip out of desperation to make money, it is desperation that will result in losses.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I look forward to hearing from you next week! 😀



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