Commentary Update, EUR/CHF, & CHF/JPY

Hi friends! Hope everyone having a great day. 😀

As you may have noticed, the market is still in rolling/consolidation mode. Be careful when trading during this kind of sentiment in the market because before you realize a change, it will just ‘roll’ away with your money. It isn’t wise to put on a trade and head to bed when there is no defined trend, or in this case, short term trend because it seems like for the most part, we are in an uptrend but dealing with some pullback at the moment. Up one minute, down the next…it can make your head spin.

Two of the best trades out there today were: EUR/CHF long  and CHF/JPY short. Take a look at the charts below:


EUR/CHF rose approximately 150 pips to the upside, not without some minor pullbacks, of course.


CHF/JPY moved approximately 160 pips to the downside earlier last night.

Check back tomorrow for my reviews on a few Forex Trading Platforms and their practice accounts! Also, I wanted to thank you all for reading my blogs, you guys have no idea how much I appreciate it! 🙂



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