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Chart of the Day: GBP/JPY & Buying Sentiment

Hi friends! So sorry I haven’t updated the blog in what seems like AGES but I’m back now. Promise. 🙂

As you all may have noticed, we’ve been experiencing a buying sentiment in the market. It’s been a good few days, today’s movement has been kinda or hit or miss but overall, a great week so far.

Let’s look at GBP/JPY:


This pair rose almost 800 pips in the last 2  days. If any of you happened to hold this trade for the last 48 hours, then you must be bouncing off the ceiling with happiness. EUR/JPY also moved big, moving approximately 700 pips.

Expect some pullback either tomorrow or early next week. What goes up must come down..eventually. I will keep you all updated, don’t forget to check my Twitter! Also, if you have a Twitter account, follow my mentor’s tweets. Remember me mentioning her in my first post: An Introduction? Her Twitter name is FX Princess . Check out her list of potential trades, they are spot on. Thanks so much!

Happy Hunting, everyone. 🙂



Commentary & Chart of the Day: GBP/JPY

HELLO FRIENDS! My apologies for being MIA the last week, I took a mini hiatus from blogging due to the Easter holidays and such. Hope you all had a great Easter. 🙂

So, today was an AMAZING…let me repeat–AMAZING day trading Forex. Everything was moving so beautifully, it was really hard to choose which pairs to get into. I settled on GBP/JPY and made a nice chunk of change trading that. Pip-wise, it was the best out there, selling off at least 500 pips from market open yesterday. Take a look at the chart below:


Fantastic, right? It was quite a surprise that the market took such a turn, there was no major economic news out to drive this reaction at all. I honestly didn’t expect it myself, I traded for about 3-4 hours and exited my position before heading to bed, with over 90 pips in my pocket. Now, my goal is building the confidence to hold my position when I’m in a positive trade and not exit just because I feel the trend might change. Then again, I cannot really blame myself for being overly cautious because lately there has been quite a bit of choppiness in the market. Still, I am happy…I was profitable. It took all the strength I had not to get back in later, could have gotten more pips but many times getting back in turns out to be a mistake.

Remember: We must be alert at all times, you never know when things are going to take off…or break down.  🙂

Expect a reverse of trend possibly for the next couple of days. Today’s move was dramatic, odds are it won’t last. What goes up, must come down.


Chart of the Day:GBP/JPY

Did everyone see the FANTASTIC move to the upside by GBP/JPY?! It was quite a pleasant surprise that the pair ascended nearly 500 pips in a matter of 9-10 hours. Kudos to those who traded it, I’m sure you were a very happy investor today. 😀 With the trend of the market being up in the air sat times, it’s really awesome when trades like these are able to be made.

Check out the beautiful move on the chart below:


Other notable trades for the day include: EUR/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/JPY.

Today, on the whole, the market moved very well and hopefully we will end this week on a high note! 🙂


Pick of the Day: GBP/JPY

Hello again! :]

My pick of the day is GBP/JPY. Over the course of 10 hours, between 12am – 10am PST, this pair moved well over 600 pips to the upside.


Isn’t this a beautiful chart?